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Video games are often being a subject of a debate that focuses on their positive or negative effects, and people from all over the world have their opinion about this matter. However, it is evident that the popularity of video games is on the rise, and that the gaming industry is more powerful than ever. mad_catz_mojo_android_gaming_console-360x240As a matter of fact, 4 out of 5 households in the United States are owning a gaming console, and around $33 million is spent annually on gaming products. The entire industry is estimated at over $100 billion, which is an impressive number and it clearly demonstrates the size of the gaming world. Clearly, there is something that attracts people to video games, and the benefits of playing these software products are numerous, despite the critics and their claims that video games are “directly sent from Hell”.

GamersScientific research and studies that are conducted by reliable experts and institutions with integrity are a good reference point on any topic, and gaming is certainly no exception. Those studies are showing that the positive effects of playing video games far outweigh the negative connotations, and they demonstrate the fact that gaming can be a very useful and helpful activity. gaming-muespf9tp4k8ncki77wazzs91bfp7ylp8tqpn82rzsGamers are relieved to hear this news, but they were not bothered by the “trash talk” in the first place, simply because they knew that games helped them in many aspects of their lives and that gaming is something that makes them more attentive, more creative and more social.

top-10-gaming-vpns-500x333When it comes to those positive effects, experts say that gaming can boost the memory and that cognitive processes are being stimulated by constant interactions with the characters and elements on the screen. Since events and things are rapidly moving and changing within the game, players need to be attentive and focused, which increases alertness and responsiveness. Our perception is also improved due to the need to be concentrated and careful when playing modern gaming titles. Hand-eye coordination is also being improved with video games, and all of these effects are showing that gaming is not such a bad thing after all.

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Furthermore, modern video games are usually played in groups, or with friends and family in multiplayer mode, which can result in better relations and it can serve as a great bonding activity. The claims that video games are making people anti-social are now completely disputed, and the introduction of group play has brought players closer together.

When it comes to our young ones, who are an especially sensitive group in every sense, video games can be helpful with their school activities and learning.

Numerous cases have shown the increase in motivation for learning of history with the kids who were playing strategic video games at home, and this indicates that they become fascinated with stories and characters that appear in some titles.

Also, they can become more interested in sports, and the fact that they are controlling their favorite soccer player may ignite a desire in some of them to become successful soccer players themselves.

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