Look out for these games coming around the corner

Look out for these games coming around the corner

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Gaming Industry

Look out for these games coming around the corner

second image on postThere are hundreds of games coming out each month, so many that a decent gamer can’t even keep track of them, let alone play them all! That is why we decided to create a list to help you look in the right direction and maybe help you decide what to enjoy next.

 Kingdom Under Fire II

When looking at the games being released it is somewhat easy to tell what’s what and what you’ll like just based on the genre. The game that breaks these rules is being released soon, after years of development and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen.

With the chaotic real-time fights, MMO RPG elements and real time strategy overcast, it combines a ton of things we love to create an amazing piece of entertainment. It looks chaotic and beautiful at the same time and after years it spent in the shop we can’t wait to see what it amounts to.


Monster Hunter Online

Coming up, straight from the consoles, Monster Hunter is on the PC! And it is online! The biggest game of the franchise is bringing all that we loved into the big league. With the international release being postponed, the Chine had the chance to sample the glory of this game, and it was fantastic.

The game, the monsters, the graphics – the real thing, the pieces of puzzle complete a flawless picture that is an awesome RPG full of epic monsters and one hundred ways to kill them.


Tales of Berseria

After a staggering fifteen games, the developers are making a U-turn and present us with the female protagonist for the first time. As a lady, after all, this time, they made sure that she is both awesome and epic.

Set in the time before previous games, this prequel deals with a lot of the same stuff we’ve seen before – evil forces making men and women sick and we have to do something about it. The new hero seems to be doing a great job at hack and slashing the many foes, but we haven’t seen many nuances up to now.


Divinity Original Sin II

An absolute champion of crowd funding and a miracle in itself – the name of the game is Original Sin II. After doing something a lot of games can’t accomplish in their entire run, this game had made records before it even became a game. Funded by supporters on the Kickstarter, OS2 gathered half a million dollars – in half a day!

What fans got in return is a spectacular game, a real RPG that will be enjoyed by many. It offers some special features like competitive quest solving where you can compete against other players in who does the quest first.

Also, there is a cooperative mode, crafting, and many others unique features that make sure this game is a complete title with no weak sides. Are you hyped yet??

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